A very Effective Technique to HEAL OTHERS.
1. Preparing to Work with others
2. Rapid Reiki Session Level I
3. Pregnancy and Children
4. Reiki and Palliative Care
5. Special care for Diabetic People
6. Power Symbol
7. Mental / Emotional Symbols
8. Distance symbol
9. Twenty Additional Uses of Symbols
10.  Techniques to prepare your Own Reiki Session
11. Distance Healing with Reiki
12. Ways to Perform Distance Healing
13. Past Lives and Reiki
14. Manifest Your Goals using Reiki
15. How Reiki can Help to Solve your Problems
16. Using Reiki with Animals
17. When a Client does not feel Reiki
You can Heal Your Vastu Defects using Reiki Healing Second Level
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