One Stop Solutions to all Problems. 
In this Level you will learn techniques to cure yourself in all aspects. Until your Aura is clean and Chakras efficient, then only you can heal others 
Course Contents
1. Introduction to Reiki Healing and Energy
2. HIstory of Reiki and HOw it Works
3. Seven Chakras and its Importance
4. Reasons of problems and its solution with Aura 
5. Salt therapy pranic healing exercises to clear blockages
6. Detoxification and Chakra Cleansing Meditation.  
7. The Reiki Principles
8. Chakras, Meridians and Intuition to solve various Physiological, mental, health, and relationship issues. 
9. Preparing to Use Reiki
10. Anatomy of Reiki. 
11. HOw it identifies Root problem of any issue and Why Reiki healing is so Effective. 
12. Reiki Self Treatments
13. How to use 21 Reiki ailment points effectively. 
To HEAL Yourself. 
To connect with your Higher Self.
Removal of Negativity from your Self.
Enhance your Memory, Concentration and IMMUNE SYSTEM.
Burn your bad karmas
Enjoy Love, Peace and Harmony in your life.
Increase Patience, Anger and Self Control
Improve Expression of Speech, Aura & Communication.
Empower decision making and stability issues. 
Improve Emotional and Relationship aspects.
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