Manifestation Journal
Steps to write a Manifestation Journal
Step One] Write Your Wishlist in your diary twenty one times with red pen in Present Tense while going to sleep.

Check list and answer back to yourself .
1. Get clear what and how much u want.
2. Check your readiness!
3. Do you believe you can recieve ? Or why you believe its not possible.
4. Deservability-Am i worthy of this? Or list why you deserve it.
5. Action- work on yourself n skills.
6. Cleanse inner self- meditation every evening 15 mins 
7. Visualize- Day dream your dream life. 
8. Say good things about yourself- all self talks are prayers.
9. Be in flow- all is good. Everything is leading to your goals even the worst days.
10. Patience - we live in time- space reality.( law if gestation) even sun rises at its time.
11. Be grateful for what you have and where you are exactly right now. Love yourself the way you are , world will love you more back.

Step Two: After you wake up, read the wish list twenty one times before you start your day. 

Definitely the Angels and the Divine will start guiding you in order to manifest your dreams

Step Three: Follow this procedure for minimum twenty one days.

Keep Manifesting.

Do share us your experiences.

Best wishes
Spandana healing Team