An IIT based Mathematical Model for Prediction. Very easy yet effective. In Minutes you can perceive the horoscope chart of a Person and Point based marks based unambiguous and efficient Method to find out answers. 

Personally i recommend you this course. You would love it undoubtedly..........
Vedic astrology is an exalted tool not just for predicting events but also for timing their occurrence. The two techniques of timings events in use are the dashas [or planetary operational period] and the Gocara [or transits]. Belonging to the latter are: the simple transits of planets through various signs of the zodiac as the available in the ephemerides, the Varshaphal [or annual horoscope] and the Ashtakvarga. The first of these three methods, thought useful and easy to apply, is rather gross and can be used only to make rather generalised predictions. Varshphal and Ashtakvarga are more refined and more accurate. Between them, Ashtakvarga is certainly more popular amongst the Vedic astrologers because of its relative ease of application.
Only a Person who is thorough in mathematics, has practised the art of communication, is just and gifted with high intelligence take cognizance of time and place, has mastered the senses, is expert in logic, has made in depth study of the astrological scriptures, is capable of making accurate prediction.
  1. An Advanced Vedic Technique, What is Ashtakvarga?
  2. Computing Ashtakvarga. Calculations of Point based system of Ashtakvarga.
  3. Paramparik and Ashtakvarga, Similarity and Difference
  4. Sarvashtak: The Cummulative Dots of Destiny, Bhinnashtak, Kriti and Artha
  5. How to use Tool / Yantra of Ashtakvarga, the tumbling royalties
  6. Finance, Money and Shares related prediciton using Ashtakvarga 
  7. Some Generalities of Individual Ashtakvargas, General Principles
  8. Different Strengh of Planets
  9. Ashtakvarga of the Sun
  10. Ashtakvarga of the Moon
  11. Ashtakvarga of the Mars
  12. Ashtakvarga of the Mercury
  13. Ashtakvarga of the Jupiter
  14. Ashtakvarga of the Venus
  15. Ashtakvarga of the Saturn
  16. Comparison Between Bindus in Various Houses
  17. Divisional Charts I
  18. Divisional Charts II
  19. Annual Charts
  20. Horary Charts
  21. Medical Astrology
  22. Mundane Charts
  23. Muhurata and Ashtakvarga
  24. Profession and Ashtakvarga
  25. Reductions of Shodhya Pinda
  26. Application of Shodhya, Pinda Standardised
  27. Timing of Events through Vimshottari, Ashtakvarga Style
  28. Longetivity
  29. Eleventh from Where?
  30. Controversies, Complexion Compounded
  31. Health analysis and find Immunity system of an Individual 
  32. Match making and Marraige related matters using Ashtakvarga 
  33. Incidents and Accidental events using Point based system
  34. Career, Job and Business related aspects using Ashtakvarga 
  35. Tranist and event related analysis and prediction using Ashtakvarga 
  36. Material and Vastu related pleasures using Analysis chart
  37. FInd Individual Characteristics Personality behaviour pattern SWOT analysis
  38. Saturn Tranisits, Sadesati plus and minus in detail year wise
  39. Other Transits
  40. Kaksh padhadati faladesh, for closer timing
  41. Second marraige
  42. Ashtakvarga of Rahu, Ketu and Lagna
  43. How is Your Day Today
  44. Miscellaneous [Gem Recommendation, Naming a Child/Bride, Astrology or Cartography]
  45. Compatibility in Friendship
  46. Samudayashtakvarga Controversy
  47. Case studies of famous personalities
  48. Many more....